Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers your company the ability to work remotely, on site, and in the field with real time updates and real time results. Tech Cumulus works with multiple Cloud partners to ensure your team has the ability to get work done anywhere at anytime.

Tech Cumulus provides onsite installation and instructional training to set you up with the latest innovative cloud computing network technology such as Microsoft Office 365. With Microsoft Office 365 you have access to cloud-based email, web conferencing, file sharing and Office apps at a low predictable monthly cost. Information storage, computation, and software are located and managed remotely on servers owned by Microsoft. Because this infrastructure is located online, you can access it virtually anywhere from a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Confused about “migrating to the cloud” and what it means for your business future? Have one of our Subject Matter Experts tell you how Tech Cumulus can improve your workflow, your overhead, and your bottom line.

Open up a world of possibilities to keep your people and your business moving with Cloud services.