Managed Services

Handling the Breadth and Complexity so you don’t have to.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Business relies on the proper operation of their technology infrastructure. To this end, Tech Cumulus provides the following monitoring and management services:

24×7 Monitoring & Alerting – Monitoring services include 24×7 monitoring for the following server metrics:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Server up time
  • Server services are running as configured
  • Disk space thresholds and hard drive health
  • CPU, memory and disk utilization
  • Non-routine system and security log entries
  • WINS, DNS and DHCP services
  • Service monitoring and remediation of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, printing, remote access
  • Backup logs

After Hours Scheduled Maintenance – Not all maintenance can or should be done during business hours, so we do much of the maintenance after hours.

After Hours Call Notification – In the event of server outages, Tech Cumulus staff will notify designated Client staff and/or vendors of the outage.

After Hours Unscheduled Maintenance – Tech Cumulus engineers will work to resolve any server outage after hours, to include going on site if there is building access.

OS Patching – Tech Cumulus will patch Microsoft & Apple operating systems in accordance with vendor recommendations.

Server & Network Documentation – Servers and Network devices will have their configurations and functions fully documented.

Server Optimization – Based on server logs, performance information, and environmental changes, Tech Cumulus will update settings and perform additional maintenance to ensure that servers are running optimally.

Workstation Management

Workstation management is more than just fixing a problem when one occurs; it is keeping track of inventory, software licensing, optimizing systems, operating and application patching, and service logging. Proactive maintenance helps keep outages and failures to a minimum and simplifies troubleshooting, as well as maintaining business continuity.

OS Patching – Microsoft and Apple workstations need regular patching to ensure that systems are reliable and secure. Tech Cumulus makes sure that these patches are applied in a timely manner upon release.

Desktop Optimization – Regular maintenance of desktop systems is vital to ensure proper operation and optimal performance. Maintenance is done after hours on an as needed basis.

Help Desk – Remote and Onsite Support

Our Unlimited remote support service is more than just a place to call about a system that is non-functional; it is a full-service help desk. The help desk is available to all staff for technical issues or “How do I …” questions. Our help desk team members are experts at resolving technical issues and have extensive experience using common business applications. Help desk services are available between the hours of 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (U.S. Central time) Monday through Friday.

Onsite support is available for those times when remote support is unable to resolve any technical issues. Onsite Support Services are available between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (U.S Central Time) Monday through Friday.

Backup & Restoration

Regular and reliable backups are one of the cornerstones of disaster recovery and business continuity. On a daily basis, all backup jobs are verified for successful completion. Any errors or failures are resolved. Restoration of data can be done upon request or scheduled for after hours, as long as backup media is made available.

On a monthly basis, Tech Cumulus engineers review backup procedures to verify that all data is included in the daily backup and will perform a test restoration for verification of backup results and procedures.


Anti-Virus Monitoring & Administration – All servers and workstations should be protected by Anti-Virus at all times. Tech Cumulus can work with most vendors’ centrally managed Anti-Virus solutions. Anti-Virus solutions are configured to update at the smallest update interval and not interfere with workstation or server performance. Alerts generated by the Anti-Virus system are sent directly to our engineers for immediate action.

Hosted Anti-Virus – Tech Cumulus offers a cloud hosted, centrally managed anti-virus solution for servers and workstations. Our Anti-Virus solution is based on Kaspersky’s highly rated anti-virus engine and is integrated into our management tools, keeping the cost well below on-premise centrally managed Anti-Virus solutions.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have changed the way we work, extending our offices to almost anywhere, and have become an integral part of regular operations. Support by mobile vendors is generally limited to connectivity to the mobile network without any support for Wi-Fi or email connectivity. Tech Cumulus can fill that gap in support by making sure that staff has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and access available network services.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Tech Cumulus will act as your vCIO to ensure that technology implementation and accessibility meets the needs of corporate plans and strategy. As needed, the vCIO will be available for staff meetings to provide technical insight and assist with process analysis and re-engineering from an information technology point of view.

IT-Focused Review – Tech Cumulus will perform a technology review that covers technology infrastructure, design, inventory and existing IT processes and procedures. We will schedule monthly conference calls and quarterly business reviews with organization-wide reporting to ensure alignment of the Client’s information technology strategy and budgeting with Client’s overall business objectives.

Project Planning – Tech Cumulus will provide as-needed project planning and budgeting with the Client’s designated point of contact and/or key stakeholders, as well as any necessary R&D work related to project planning or budgeting. We will schedule annual budget planning conferences, as needed.

Technology Vision Plan – The vCIO working with management and staff will develop a technology vision plan that will forecast technology needs and expenditures for up to five years.