Office Manager

Does this sound like you? You are the office manager for a small company. When you started a few years ago your job description had you performing basic office management tasks. But now, as the position has grown, you find yourself doing the accounting, dealing with clients, and you have become the IT gal/guy. Whaaa?! How did that happen?! That’s not technically in your job description. Apparently, you helped one too many people with printer issues and computer problems.

Even though being the IT person is not in your job description, your company may think having outside help is too expensive. You have options, and we can help you! Maybe you need Managed Services. Or, perhaps you just need a trusted advisor to help you make informed decisions. We will work with you to develop a plan that works for you and your company. Let us rescue your day from IT interruptions so you can get your real job done.

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