1 Man IT Shop

You know who you are… You’re the ONE person in your company responsible for keeping your network infrastructure up and running, troubleshooting servers, OS and applications. You are constantly being asked by your end users to solve problems they have with their computers, tablets, cell phones, printers, and occasionally the coffee maker because it has a digital interface and therefore is “technology.”

Sound familiar? You just don’t have time to be proactive. If only you had a little help now and then. We get it, and we are here to help! You are not alone, we’ve been in your shoes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least a few of these checked off your list?

  • Centralized view of your environment
  • Keep track of licenses and maintaining license compliance
  • Provide helpdesk support without spending your entire day on one person’s issues (Troubleshooting, reset forgotten passwords, providing access to shares & documents?)
  • Install updates and software, and set-up user accounts on devices without having to utilize your “sneaker” network
  • Verify that your system backup has run correctly (Nobody wants to run their back-up every day, then have to restore only to find out that the data is corrupt or not there!)
  • Have someone to escalate difficult issues to other than yourself
  • Have a mentor to help you learn more about the problems you face
  • Research whether you should be a cloud shop, or a hybrid shop, or on-premises shop

That’s a pretty big list, and we know that ALL of those issues affect you. Let us help you with our expertise and experience to simplify your day. If nothing else, let’s discuss what your options are – it would be nice to talk about that now wouldn’t it?

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