Tech Providers

What do many SMB IT companies have in common? They were started by IT guys/gals with amazing engineering skills – migrating data, break-fix, infrastructure, application development. What else do they have in common? They are not great at marketing… at all… period.

You know who you are, you have built your company from the ground up. You have worn ten hats simultaneously. While that was fun and exciting the first few years you were in business, you have now grown big enough to delegate some of those hats to other people. Perhaps you’ve grown just big enough that you can hire additional full time staff. Who do you hire first? Let me guess, an engineer? They are “billable” after all. But what if you need to grow your company even more, shouldn’t you hire a marketing professional? One that knows IT? Absolutely!

Tech Cumulus can be your MAAS – Marketing as a Service. Let us help you focus on what you do so well, IT. Leave the happy-warm-fuzzy-social “stuff” to us!